Welcome to View Royal OSC!

  • We will be closed for all of winter break. Our last day of care will be on December 18th 2020, and we will reopen on January 4th 2021.

  • Please review our Health and Wellness protocols here and Worksafe BC Safety Plan here.

Our Philosophy & Mission

View Royal Out of School Care Society was established in 1993 and its Members are comprised of parents and/or guardians of the children enrolled in the Program.

our philosphy:

Safe Fun!

We believe in providing a safe and fun environment where children may develop positive social skills such as responsibility, respect and cooperation through communication. This environment should stimulate growth and provide opportunities for children to make choices that satisfy their individual needs.


We believe working as a team, with parents and teachers, is essential, in order to provide consistent care and guidance to each child. We welcome your involvement, suggestions and support.

All members of the parent board can be contacted at parentboard@viewroyalosc.com

Resources for Families during Pandemic

Below are some related resources to assist families and their children through the Pandemic:

American Academy of Pediatrics: Offers Parents Tips and Resources for Dealing with Covid-19 and Its Stresses (2020)

The Canadian Pediatric Society: Covid-19 Information (2020)

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention:  Coping and Stress (2020)

Government of Canada: Responding to Stressful Events & Helping Children Cope (2020)

Foundry BC (2020): Tips for when News stresses you out  

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