As the 2020/2021 school year approaches, here is some information regarding funding and the transition back to school.


  • If you temporarily withdrew your child from child care, you can choose to return to care at any time, if your there is an open space.

  • Temporary Emergency Funding for child care facilities that prioritize spaces for essential service workers will end on Aug. 31.

  • If you temporarily withdrew from child care, and our facility is currently at capacity with ESW’s, you will regain your space on Sept. 1 or when we return to pre-pandemic enrollment.

  • When you return to care, we can charge you the regular parent fee.

  • If you choose to delay your return, we can still charge you to hold the spot.

ESW Parents:

  • Temporary Emergency Funding for child care facilities will be discontinued on August 31.

  • Child care facilities will no longer be able to prioritize children of ESW’s beginning on Sept. 1.

  • The province continues to work towards universal child care, and are working hard to create more affordable, accessible and quality child care.

  • If you need child care, we encourage you to use the CCRR matching form or to contact your local CCRR directly.

Additionally, here are other useful resources:

Affordable Child Care Benefit (ACCB)

As of September 2018 the Subsidy program will no longer exist, in it’s place is the new Affordable Child Care Benefits.  One of the biggest changes to the new funding is that the threshold earnings per 2 income families is now $111,000.00 


Try out the ‘online estimator’ which will tell you approximately what you would receive per month.  You can also use the ‘apply online’ link to make your application online, no more faxing or mailing documents in.  The Government is working to make the application process as seamless and easy as they can for families.   Can’t hurt to spend a few minutes to see how much you qualify for!


Link provided for all things health related; Healthy eating, physical activity, health services, discussion topics, tools , resources, and more!

Island Health - Child Care Licensing

Information containing the Child Care Act, what we as a Centre are legislated to provide, contact information at Licensing.

School District 61

Here is the link to our school district.


Queen Alexandra Centre for Children's Health
Island Health at Queen Alexandra (QA) Centre for Childrens Health is one of our partners in creating inclusive care for all children.

View Royal Elementary School

Here is the link to our school's website.

View Royal Elementary School PAC

Attached is the PAC's website, which contains up to date activity calendars, upcoming fundraisers and events, and PAC meeting details at View Royal Elementary School.

Frequently asked questions

If my child does not attend View Royal Elementary, can they still attend your Out of School Care programs?

Only children attending View Royal Elementary may attend our Before and After school care programs. Camp programs (Spring, Winter, Summer and Professional days) are open to all school aged children.

What are your hours of operation?

Before School Care 7:15 am to 8:44 am Monday to Friday (school days) After School Care 2:44 pm to 5:45 pm. Monday to Friday (school days) Camp hours 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Professional days 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Little Wonders Preschool 9:00 am to 12:00 noon Monday to Friday

Are you licensed?

We are licensed by the Island Health Authority (formerly VIHA) and follow the Childcare Licensing Regulations.

Are your staff qualified?

All of our staff have completed the following: - Criminal Record check - First Aide / CPR - Minimum of 20 hours of education (as per Childcare Licensing Regulations) - All staff are 19 years of age or older - Some have their Class 4 - Little Wonders Preschool qualified ECE

Do you accept families whose child(ren) require additional support?

We accept children with support needs, their family will be required to have approved funding for their child’s support worker through Supported Child Development at Queen Alexandra Hospital for Child). If your child is on their wait list we cannot offer you a space until they confirm funding. (Please visit our links and look for Supported Child Development QA, their website has information about funding and their application process, our Manager will also be happy to give you information as well.) Please note that we work hard to ensure that safety and well-being of ALL the children in our Programs, from time to time, we may have to ask a family to leave our Program if the child is unable to participate in the program regardless of their support level.

Do you accept Affordable Child Care Benefit (ACCB)?

We accept families that have been authorized a monthly Affordable Child Care Benefit (ACCB) fee. Keep in mind that it is the responsibility of the family to apply for ACCB and subsequent renewals. Families are responsible for the full fees until such time as we have received the appropriate authorization from the Ministry.

What are your policies regarding arrival and pick up at your programs?

Your child can only be signed out by an Authorized Pick Up person. This information is part of your registration information and may be added to at anytime however all requests must be made in writing. All children must be signed in by an adult (19 years or older).

What happens if I am late to pick up my child?

Our closing time is 5:45 pm, should you arrive after that time, you are billed a late fee of $30.00 for each 15 minutes (or portion of) that you are late. If we have not heard from you we will attempt to call you and those on your emergency pick up list. For further information, please refer to our Parent Handbook or speak to a Program Coordinator or Manager directly.