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As the 2022/2023 school year approaches, here is some information regarding funding and the transition back to school.


  • If you temporarily withdrew your child from child care, you can re-register at anytime and if a space is available will be placed back in care, otherwise placed on a wait list.

  • Payments are due on the First of each month.

ESW Parents:

  • Temporary Emergency Funding for child care facilities will be discontinued on August 31.

  • Child care facilities will no longer be able to prioritize children of ESW’s beginning on Sept. 1.

  • The province continues to work towards universal child care, and are working hard to create more affordable, accessible and quality child care.

  • If you need child care, we encourage you to use the CCRR matching form or to contact your local CCRR directly.

Additionally, here are other useful resources:

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