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Welcome to View Royal


Welcome to our out of school care! We are a non-profit, inclusive child care centre located in View Royal. We offer a variety of programs so you can find just the right one for your family, schedule, and lifestyle. For more information explore our website!

Our Awesome Parent Board!

All members of the parent board can be contacted at

Thank you to The Town of View Royal.
VROSC Society has received a grant from the Grant in Aid Department. With sincere gratitude, we are deeply appreciative of their continued support for our program, which reaches many families in our community.


What's New!

We Are Hiring!

Interested in working with ages 3-5 or school age? Our Out of School Care Program and Early Years Daycare is hiring!  
Please apply for open positions by sending your resume and cover letter to

Our Philosophy & Mission

View Royal Out of School Care Society was established in 1993 and its Members are comprised of parents and/or guardians of the children enrolled in the Program.

We believe in providing a safe and fun environment where children may develop positive social skills such as responsibility, respect and cooperation through communication. This environment should stimulate growth and provide opportunities for children to make choices that satisfy their individual needs.


We believe working as a team, with parents and teachers, is essential, in order to provide consistent care and guidance to each child. We welcome your involvement, suggestions, and support.


Our Philosophy:

Safe Fun!
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